The Line That Divides

With boundaries clearly drawn by the horror of World War II, romance is the furthest thing from Marianne Leichtner’s mind. But the crash of an American B-17 bomber in the hills behind her family’s Austrian home changes everything.

Shortly after the accident, Marianne discovers two of the plane’s surviving crewmen in the barn. Deciding to aid Charlie and Sam thrusts her into a world of danger, secrets, and unexpected feelings. Soon the Nazis arrive, bringing an unwelcome surprise from the past. Marianne helps the airmen escape, but assumes the worst when she learns two Americans were killed trying to reach the border.

As she pieces together her broken heart, Marianne decides the only way she can defy the Nazis is to join the Austrian resistance. To cross that line means choosing sides and the consequences that might come. Because of Charlie, she is willing to take the chance.