Melanie Mason takes us on an Indian Jones-like experience following April Tanner—an independently strong woman and famed Egyptologist—as she unravels the mystery of Remaliha’s treasure. Mason does a wonderful job of weaving Egyptian history with a fast-paced adventure—my favorite combination of learning through storytelling. – Amy Martinsen

This book has it all. Within 24 hours of downloading I had read the whole thing. With an exotic Egyptian setting and the spunky April Tanner there isn’t a dull page. The plot twists kept me guessing until the final chapter. Super loved this book!! – Kelly Nelson

Whoa! Did not expect some of the twist and turns that this book took. Loved it! – Tory Salisbury

Over all the story line was fast paced, the plot intricate yet believable, and the characters well developed. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes clean books with action, adventure, and a smidgen of romance. This book would also appeal to those who enjoy YA books. – Book bits-n-bobs

Mystery, history, murder and mayhem! And an ancient treasure hunt.  Mason crafts deep characters and a complex conflict that will draw you in. – Ziegler