Storm Child may well be the next big thing in YA dystopian fiction. It has a strong female main character, a civilization and countryside changed by disaster, and truly scary bad guys, or are they? What more could you want? – Terry Deighton, Author of the Tweaks series

Melanie has chomped down on the bit to create strong female protagonists and a unique story among the forest of dystopian novels.  I look forward to the sequel. – Joan Enders

 The story grabbed my attention and I held on for the ride. It was enjoyable, clean, and I am excited to see what she brings out next! She left it open so perfectly for the next book and I’m so eager to get my hands on it. – Amazon Lover Becca

Author Melanie Mason was able to take the items from the list above and make a story and world of her own creation, and a fantastic creation it is too. There is intrigue, adventure, mystery, betrayal, survival and a bit of romance. It was clean, exciting and offered a refreshing take on the teen post apocalyptic genre. I look forward to the rest of the series! – Book Bits-n-Bobs