Storm Child

Storm Series Book 1


To escape capture by Imperial soldiers, 16-year-old Eridale Storm leaves the only home she’s ever known and drags her younger sister into the wilds of Mericon—the Empire that formed when America collapsed. Hoping to find safety with their mother who disappeared when Eridale was three, the girls follow clues that lead them across the country, but the empire hounds their every step.

The journey draws Eridale deeper into the conflict between the Empire and the rebel Freedom Fighters, producing questions about Eridale’s heritage, questions no one wants to answer.

Caught between the threads of deception, rebellion, and betrayal, Eridale struggles to find out who she is. The answers she finds could lead the country back to freedom or shackle them under the imperial throne forever.

This is book 1 of a 4 book series and not a stand-alone book.

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Storm Child may well be the next big thing in YA dystopian fiction. It has a strong female main character, a civilization and countryside changed by disaster, and truly scary bad guys, or are they? What more could you want?

– Terry Deighton, Author of the Tweaks series

Melanie has chomped down on the bit to create strong female protagonists and a unique story among the forest of dystopian novels.  I look forward to the sequel.”

– Joan Enders

The story grabbed my attention and I held on for the ride. It was enjoyable, clean, and I am excited to see what she brings out next! She left it open so perfectly for the next book and I’m so eager to get my hands on it.

– Amazon Lover Becca

Melanie Mason was able to make a story and world of her own creation, and a fantastic creation it is too. There is intrigue, adventure, mystery, betrayal, survival and a bit of romance. It was clean, exciting and offered a refreshing take on the teen post apocalyptic genre. I look forward to the rest of the series!

– Book Bits-n-Bobs

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