Crossing Lines

Moments before their B-17 bomber crashes in German-occupied Austria, two of the three remaining crewmen manage to parachute out of the aircraft. Captain Charlie Banks and Corporal Samuel Aldridge find shelter in a barn, where they are discovered by a beautiful young Austrian woman. Despite the danger to herself and her family, Marianne Leichtner decides to help the two Americans. Her courage and character soon win Charlie’s heart.

When the Nazis come to investigate the plane crash, Charlie and Sam must escape through enemy territory. Just steps from freedom, they are captured by Italian fascists. Survival takes on a new meaning for the airmen, and Charlie begins to question everything, including his faith. Only the hope of seeing Marianne again keeps him going over the long months in prison. But if he survives, will she still care for him? And will Charlie learn to trust in the Lord’s promises?

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Oh, wow! I can’t describe how much I loved this book. It almost makes me sad that I didn’t read the first book, but I know I have to now! The whole time I was reading it, I kept wondering if it was a true story. I simply love family history and life stories. This just had a feel of being a life story being told in a historical fiction style.

– Secret Pearls Reviews

Without being graphic, this book explores the heartbreak and depression of being a prisoner. Charlie and Sam are tortured for little reason and endure the most deplorable conditions. The story also takes a good look at friendship and how friends take turns buoying each other up. Charlie, who taught Sam to have faith, finds himself leaning on Sam’s faith. It’s a romance but so much more.

– Terry Deighton

This was a fast-paced and exciting book, beginning to end. I enjoyed this story very much. I enjoyed the action, the romance and the historical detail. I also enjoyed the manner in which faith and hope in God was woven into the story without being preachy. I recommend it to those who enjoy reading suspenseful, action-packed WWII romance.

– Kindle Customer

A very clean, book with adventure and a sweet romance, I enjoyed it.

– Jill Burgoyne

Mason does a good job of hooking the reader in the first few pages. The story had some fun, unexpected twists, especially at the end. I also enjoyed the religious element. It was well done.

– Adrienne Quintana

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