Crossing Lines


I read The Line That Divides when it first came out. It was fun to read the story from Charlie’s point of view. It was painful, too. Without being graphic, this book explores the heartbreak and depression of being a prisoner. Charlie and Sam are tortured for little reason and endure the most deplorable conditions. The story also takes a good look at friendship and how friends take turns buoying each other up. Charlie, who taught Sam to have faith, finds himself leaning on Sam’s faith. It’s a romance but so much more. ~T. Deighton
Oh, wow! I can’t describe how much I loved this book. It almost makes me sad that I didn’t read the first book, but I know I have to now!
The whole time I was reading it, I kept wondering if it was a true story. I simply love family history and life stories. This just had a feel of being a life story being told in a historical fiction style.
This is definitely a romance, but I really wanted to learn more about his experiences during war time. I liked the fact that I wasn’t fully obsessed with the relationship aspect, but gave me the desire to read everything that was being presented.
The first thing to really grab my attention was the religious undertone.
It had romance, spirituality, war-time events, etc. Amazing job!
I definitely will recommend it to everyone and even recommend this book to people wanting to write life stories in a unique way. ~Secret Pearls Reviews
This was a fast-paced and exciting book, beginning to end. Although there were some dicey scenes, it was written without the profane and vulgar language often found in war stories.
This is a Christian story, although the specific church to which Charlie, his brother Peter, and Sam belong is not spelled out. Yet, like many returned prisoners of war have expressed, it is their faith that keeps them going and helps them to not lose hope. It is their faith as they pay attention and follow promptings that help them preserve their lives and stay confident they will survive and return home.
Marianne was an interesting character, a courageous young woman although she battled post traumatic stress disorder because of earlier experiences in the war. Her romance with Charlie the short time they were together as she helped him right after the crash added a sweet romance element to the story.
I enjoyed this story very much. I enjoyed the action, the romance and the historical detail. I also enjoyed the manner in which faith and hope in God was woven into the story without being preachy. I recommend it to those who enjoy reading suspenseful, action-packed WWII romance. ~Kindle Customer
I came away with a desire to have more courage and faith. The book details several difficult situations that Charlie and Sam endure. Life gets to a pretty dark point for them, and the way they cope was empowering. A very clean, book with adventure and a sweet romance, I enjoyed it.
I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a light reading World War II historical fiction. There is a point when they are beaten consecutively. The scenes are realistic without being too graphic. My heart broke, still. The overall tone of the book is inspiring. ~Jill Burgoyne
What a FANTASTIC story! We know that the war battlefield is hard, but what happens when your plane crashes and your brother dies and your friend is hurt so badly that you have to find shelter instead of getting to safety? And what about the people who help them, putting their own lives in danger? And what happens if the American Captain falls in love with the Austrian girl and in his attempt to escape he lands in jail with terrible interrogations and the threat of being sent to a POW camp??? So many fascinating details of this story! Couldn’t put it down! Captured by every moment and wanting more! Follow Charlie and Sam’s journey to get back home in this phenomenal, must-read story!!! ~Shauna Wheelwright

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